B&W CT7.3 LCRS speaker. Top of the range speaker. $2,100 MSRP

Selling for $695.00

Fast and furious center speaker


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This is one serious center speaker (the CT7.3 is a multi-purpose speaker and can be used as left and right speakers too). Its big and bold sounding with a tremendous “wow” factor when put through its paces with a challenging soundtrack. The speaker is about 24″ wide, 14″ tall and 10″ deep and weighs almost 50lbs. Its armaments consists of two 8″ kevlar bass woofers, one 6″ kevlar mid-woofer and one 1″ cloth dome tweeter. Frequency response is 42 Hz to 22 KHz and nominal impedance is 8 ohm with a sensitivity of 92 dB.\n\nHow does this all translate? AWESOME. This is a fast pace speaker and the sound that pushes through it comes in a frenzied pace. It almost made our non-B&W left and right speaker play catch up with it. But when paired with our B&W CT8.2 speakers (a higher series over the CT7.3), the three speakers literally ran away with the show. The CT7.3 may have been designed to slot inside a custom build cabinetry but if you have the height allowance to put it on a shelf and still sit it under the screen, it will work too.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks fairly good. Some scuff marks/scratches here and there and the two top left corners are slightly dinged from a move the previous owner made. Grille cover is like new. Even the protective tape over the B&W logo hasn’t been removed. We have the original box.

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 14 in

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Some scuff marks/dings