Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA. Absolute Sound recommended. $20,000 MSRP

Selling for $13,500.00

State of the art DAC!

Original Price: $20,000.00


Berkeley Audio is a specialist when it comes to designing and producing World Class DACs and the Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 is one fine example. The original Alpha DAC Reference was a ground breaking unit in its own right when it first came out but the Series 2 raised the bar with a whole new level of openness, precise details, higher resolution, liquid smoothness and even more live like musical presentation. At the reference level, this is one of the best sounding DAC for the money. It is MQA capable and with a sampling rate of 32 kHz to 192 kHz, you are ready to enjoy the best music this DAC can offer. The DAC has a digital volume control so it can be connected directly to an amp and thus negating the need of a preamp if your sources are all digital. The Series 3 that replaced it now cost $22,000 so at nearly $8,000 cheaper with our asking price, this is an audiophile bargain.

Cosmetically, the unit looks great. Minor scuff marks common with use but nothing major. We have the original remote, box and manual. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.


Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 14 in

Manufacturer Website



Minor scuff marks common with use. See pics and listing

Number of Outputs



Matte silver/Black




Input sampling rate: 32kHz-192kHz