Auditorium 23 Homage 755 full range speakers. Rare! Positive reviews! $12,000 MSRP

Selling for $6,995.00

The perfect pairing with Audio Note and Shindo


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Made in Germany with truly amazing woodwork skills (all by hand by the way), the Homage 755, as the name suggests, pays homage to the original 755a driver built by Western Electric in the late 1940’s. Back then, enjoying music was a very simplified affair. You have a speaker that typically only spots one very efficient driver and it plays the “full” frequency spectrum and is driven by an 8W amp. The purity of such a setup is sonically unforgettable. There are no complex circuitry in the amps or crossovers in the speakers. Just signal in and signal out. The Homage 755 speaker you here is a “modern” day rebirth of the 755a driver with the driver now made by Line Magnetic to the exact same specs. Auditorium 23 incorporated this driver into their Homage 755 speakers and like its intended direction of the original Western Electric 755a, does not run on a crossover. Its just speaker binding posts and speaker wires running into the driver. They don’t even solder the ends of the speaker wires that connects to the driver in the name of maintaining signal purity (but you can if you want to). Which is why the back panel is not a sealed piece. It has velcro (not been used) tape along the edges where you can peel the back tape off and secured them. So far, the back panel fits in so snugly, we didn’t see the need to use the velcro which was the same reason the previous owner left it as such. The rear panel have drilled through openings to allow the air in the cabinet to “breathe” and there are no damping materials inside. Again, to allow the 755 driver to sing unadulterated. Frequency response of the driver is 70 Hz to 13 kHz. Its not a speaker for the heavy metal, electronic, hip hop listeners. But for vocals and light jazz, the speakers are magical. There is no boxiness to the sound. Vocals flowed through naturally and smoothly and imaged very well in our listening room and right center between the speakers. We drove the speakers with the Canary Audio 300B pre/power combo )also for sale in separate listings) and they were a match made in heaven. The 8″ 755 driver has a 92dB efficiency and a nominal impedance of 4 ohm. They may not have wide ranging application but with vocals (especially vocals) and light jazz and a top tier tube amp (preferably SET) they are a dream to use and listen to. Which is why this speaker has been very popular with the Shindo and Audio Note crowd.

Cosmetically, the speakers look mint or at least a 9.5/10. Finish is whitewashed oak. We don’t have the original packaging materials but can box them up for freight shipping where the speakers are strapped on a pallet. Local pickup from our store can be arranged.

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Weight 160 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 30 in

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Near mint condition


Whitewashed Oak