Audio Research Classic 120 tube monoblocks. Lots of positive reviews. $7,000 MSRP.

Selling for $2,995.00

An Audio Research classic!


As the model name suggests, this is another classic amp from Audio Research. Like the Classic 60 we just sold, the Classic 120 is like the mono version of the Classic 60 but with more power. The Classic 60 was rated at 60W while the Classic 120 is good for 110W. Each monoblock amp still utilizes eight 6550 tubes but with two 6CG7 driver tubes (four in total when accounting for both monoblocks just like the Classic 60). Like the Classic 60, the Classic 120 is equally robust sounding with a rich texture in the mid-range sections and warm sweet highs. The big difference is the 110W offered which allows wider speaker matching and a broader bandwidth over the Classic 60. Both amps were fully serviced about five years ago with caps replaced and worn out parts replaced. They would be good to go for many more years to come.

Cosmetically, it is in very nice shape for its vintage. Previous owner took great care of it with only minor scuff marks here and there. We do stock 6550 tubes so contact us for a package deal if you want to order some new 6550 tubes to go with it. Current tubes tested out fine and still has fairly good amount of life left. We don’t have the original boxes for them but will securely pack them for safe shipping. Freight shipping strongly recommended (due to their weight and size) where both amps will be strapped on a pallet. Local pickup from our store can be arranged.

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in

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Classic 120


Minor scuff marks/nicks here and there


Tube monoblocks