Accuphase DP-70 CD player. Lots of positive reviews! $5,000 MSRP.

Selling for $1,250.00

Another budget reference player from Accuphase


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Unmistakably Accuphase, the DP-70 is easily recognizable the moment you set your eyes on it. Like everything else in their product range, they are incredibly built to high standards and sonically, have that effervescent sparkle, transparency and clarity that is synonymous with the brand. The DP-70 had a very good reception when it first launched and drew many positive reviews back in Japan and Europe for its sonic excellence to its rather, bargain priced, $5,000 MSRP. It was a small revolution that eventually led to brands like SONY coming up with their SCD-1 which was launched at the same $5,000 MSRP. Between these two players, the Accuphase has a softer demeanor, a more gentle approach towards revealing the nuances of the music it is extracting out from the CD. To a certain extent, it is less ruthless than the SCD-1 in that respect. If you want a player that will reveal as much of the music possible, the SCD-1 is the one to go for. But if you want a smoother approach, the DP-70 is the better one amongst the two. For under $1,300 now, you are getting a battleship built CD player that has excellent sonics to boot.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good shape. Very minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original manual, remote and box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 14 in

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Just minor scuff marks here and there common with use.




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