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Here lies a beautiful, gold plated version of the “Statement piece” DSP-A1. The DSP-A1 is all about the engineering that went into it and the resulting excellence in sound quality that has won so many positive reviews/feedbacks. It may not have the latest DSP software or even HDMI but its sound reproduction for both movies and music was so impressive it even trounced our other more expensive, full featured Pioneer AV receivers. Even as a two channel stereo amp, it easily disposed the Rega integrated amp with better dynamics, deeper bass, better transparency and a fuller soundstage.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. Some scuff marks here and there and on the side panels but nothing major. We don’t have the original remote but did program a Logitech Universal remote that will do pretty much everything. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this heavy weight for safe shipping.