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The customer who bought our 10.1 monitor speakers was so ecstatic about the performance of those speakers he couldn’t believe he bought them for $200! Here is the bigger brother of the 10.1, the 10.4 floorstanding speakers. The 10.4 has more bass energy than the 10.1 (obviously!) through its twin kevlar based mid and bass driver. Musical scale was wide, deep and full bodied. Although physically “smallish” for a floorstanding speaker, the 10.4 has a lot of energy reproducing music and movie soundtracks. It is not going to blow away other floorstanding speakers like the Kharma Ceramique 3.1 or even the Aerial Acoustics Model 7 we have in the store but than again, it does not cost anywhere near those other speakers. For just $800 new, you can have this well made and well engineered speakers that sounds a lot more than its asking price. So for under $450, this lightly used demo pair is an absolute steal. Two pairs of speaker binding posts on the rear allows for bi-wiring or bi-amping.

Speakers are easy to drive with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and a sensitivity of 88dB. Finish is rosewood. Cosmetically, the speakers look good. There are two corner dings on the base plate (due to the poor packing materials used – eggshell cartons!) and a small corner ding on the top of one speaker. The baseplate dings are not visible unless you turn the speakers upside down. Spikes are included and we will double box it over its original box with high density foam to ensure they arrive safely.

The pair you see here was a previous dealer demo pair. It is not broken in yet and has about 30 hours of playtime. Cosmetically, it is a solid 9/10 condition with very minor signs of use if anything. We have the original box. Speakers are shipped in two boxes.