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The Diamond 10.1 monitor speaker is so raved about that some reviewers even call it the best budget speaker on the planet. And true enough, upon listening to this pair of speakers we couldn’t disagree more.They may look small but they have a lot of guts in them. Bass was plenty from this monitor speakers. Its not going to shake your walls but it was punchy enough (goes down to 48Hz with its 5″ woofer) to be quite satisfying. Details were precisely presented and well cut out. In fact, when we hooked up a more expensive pair of Fostex based full range speaker side by side with it, you could hear the Wharfedale speakers sounding just as good as its more expensive companion.

The pair you see here was a previous dealer demo pair. It is not broken in yet and has about 30 hours of playtime. Cosmetically, it is a solid 9/10 condition with very minor signs of use if anything. We have the original box.