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These are a pair of inexpensive slim tower speakers that has a certain lifestyle appeal that differs from your general speakers. Each speaker has four 3″ mid drivers and one 1″ tweeter. Frequency response is 120Hz and up so a pairing with a subwoofer is necessary to get some kind of bottom end response (see our other listing for the matching subwoofer). This we did with the matching WA-12SUB active subwoofer. The sub does add a fair bit of bottom end so some careful adjustments will be needed to bring about a seamless transition of frequency. The combination is not going to blow your socks off for musical definition and transparency but if you want a full scale music and don’t want to spend more than $500 and demand that it is aesthetically modern looking, they might just fit your bill.

The pair you see here was a previous dealer demo pair. Some scuff marks on its glossy black finish sides but nothing major.  We have the original box, base plate, manual and spikes.