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$3500 Original Price: $8000
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This is VSA’s latest monitor speakers (MKII version). They were essentially NEW in the box and was traded in towards our last pair of Unifield 3 MKII speakers because the previous owner changed his listening room to the basement (larger space). The pictures you see are the speakers enjoying their first 60 mins of “life”. So further burn in is definitely required.

They are rather large monitor speakers. Slightly bigger and heftier than the Pioneer S-4EX speakers that we also have in the store. In terms of sound, the Unifield 2 MKII has a bigger scale and deeper bass response. Their mids were also “thicker” and warmer than the Pioneer. The Pioneer was however more transparent and so by default, made the Unifield 2 MKII sounded a bit more colored. But overall presentation is still very enjoyable. Especially with vocals and jazz.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, these speakers were new in the box and sealed. Unfortunately, one of the speaker has a small corner ding in the front right lower corner that came about when UPS carelessly handled the speaker. This is not easily visible unless you are specifically looking for it. Other speaker is perfect. We have the original boxes which we will re-boxed them over with newer boxes for greater security and the manual. Our special price is a reflection of that minor cosmetic issue. If you want to be safe, you can always ship them as freight (they would easily qualify since each speaker is already 52lbs) and we will throw in a pair of Target 24″ heavy duty speaker stands for FREE (buy at asking price and shipped as freight).