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If you have not given solid core cables a listen, this is a golden opportunity for you to try. The Master Series 2.0 you see here are some of the “thickest” solid core speaker cables we have come across that doesn’t feel inflexible or too heavy to put to use in a system. Setting them up was easy so long as you give some space and allowance behind the speaker and amp to accommodate these cables. Each ends are terminated with spades which is a good thing, given their weight which would add a lot of pressure on the banana pins if they were used instead. The cables have a very “full bloom” sound when compared to similar multi-strand cables. Mid-ranges were warmer and fuller and bass had a bit more weight. Highs were smooth without any kind of “distress” at the upper end of the frequency which makes for very enjoyable long term listening. The Master Series 2.0 are┬ávery good alternative cables if you are scouting around for a pair of sub-$3,000 speaker cables and want to try something different from the usual multi-strand assortment.

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