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When it comes to subwoofers for home use, two brands come into mind  – Velodyne and JL Audio. But when it comes to getting deep bass from a subwoofer that needs to be small in size, than there is only Velodyne. The MicoVee is Velodyne’s smallest active subwoofer. It is just barely larger than a cube but packs three 6.5″ woofers (one active front firing and two passive radiators by the side) and a 1000W RMS amp inside. This subwoofer will rock anyway you want it to. Delivering clean, distortion free bass without any stress unless you are trying to fill a stadium in which case, you will need a much bigger subwoofer. But in small to medium size rooms, this small number will impress you. This is still a current model and continues to be extremely popular in the compact subwoofer category.

This subwoofer had one previous owner and was well cared for. No original box but we will securely pack this for safe shipping. Original manual included.