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If you are looking for a value packed power conditioner, this is a real good one. The Clean Line Model 85 ┬áhas eight outlets on the rear that are divided into pairs of four. There are two outlets for power amps, four outlets for analog components and two outlets for digital/video sources. One interesting feature is the High Frequency Transient – Impedance contour Switch on the rear that you can toggle between position 1 and 2. The improvements can be quite varying depending on the “quality” of the components being plugged into it but most “budget” and “mid-range” components seem to benefit when plugged into their respective assigned outlets. The Standard Series power cord is included. Vans Evers sell that power cord on its own for $100 if you want to just buy that only.

Unit is in very nice shape. Very minor wear marks but nothing major. Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping.