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Here is another sweet piece from VAC. With loads of power and a powerful drive, the Standard 105/105 was designed to drive speakers with difficult loads. It has tremendous amount of bass, a smooth textured mid-range and sweet highs. Biasing the amps is as easy as they come. Just hit the respective button on the front and adjust each tube accordingly by looking at the front meter display. All four tubes can be biased in a matter of seconds. They are currently fitted with KT88 tubes and four 12AU7 tubes with about 120 hours on them. Still have lots of life left.

Like any other VAC amps, they are overly built with massive transformers (which add to the considerable weight of the amp – about 100lbs). But the steady current keeps the KT88s happy and they show it when they start singing.

Cosmetically, the amp is in very nice shape. The front cover that conceals the biasing switches is missing (previous owner removed it and forgot where he put it) but might be available from VAC if you need one. Otherwise, amp is very presentable and ready for a good home. Amp was recently re-capped, worn out parts were replaced and biased back to factory spec by an authorized service center in NYC. So it operates like when it was fresh out of the factory and will continue to offer may more years of faithful service. Local pickup is preferred.