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If you ever need some convincing that tube amps sound sweeter than solid state amps, look no further than this VAC PA100/100. It is amazingly affordable and with 100W per channel to boot, a powerful stereo amp that will drive all but the most power hungry speakers. With 4 KT88 tubes, this is one very sweet sounding amp and with easy bias adjustments on the front, it is a tube rollers delight if you want to try out other brands or 6550 tubes. Hefty transformers make up the bulk of its heavy weight and being all placed on the back, makes the weight distribution of the amp kind of awkward. So be sure to grab the amp with a firm grip on the rear if you are lifting it from the front or else the amp may just tip backwards.

The amp is in pretty good overall condition. Some scuff marks here and there but nothing major like dents. The toggle power switch is a bit sensitive so when you turn it on, you may need to “roll” it back a bit and then the contact will be good. Its a very minor issue and may be due to a dirty contact point inside. We have the amp playing on Youtube if you want to see and hear it. Copy of manual will be included and will be securely packed for safe shipping. Amp will also in 240V with a change of the fuse.