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If you have never used Transparent Audio cables before, than this is a golden opportunity to try one at a very affordable price. The MusicWave Super series are an incredibly open sounding cables. Its like there is no inhibitions within the cable and music just seems to flow effortlessly through it. They have been popular choices with Wilson Audio owners because the ability of Wilson Audio speakers only come on to its own when they are fed the full spectrum of sound. So the ability of these cables are only limited by the choice of speakers. If you have a pair of speakers that relishes and raises to the challenge by becoming more engaging with greater signal pass through, this Transparent Audio speaker cables are the perfect transport for uninhibited signal flow through.

We don’t have the original box for them but will securely pack them for safe shipping.┬áThe network box has some minor knicks and some “bubbling” under the sticker label but otherwise, cable looks good and sounds fantastic.