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We have always liked what Totem speakers have to offer and The One is not surprising, one of our favorite monitor speakers. Its limited production of 2,000 pairs makes them an even more appealing pair of speakers since its exclusivity adds another dimension to the value of their ownership.

The One is quite a pricey monitor speaker considering it is just slightly larger than our all time favorite Stirling LS3/5a speaker, but costs almost twice as much. But you get a bigger midbass driver, a more inert enclosure and arguably, a better composed crossover. All these translated into bass levels that extended below what the Stirling could produce and a larger scale of presentation. Midrange was more bodied and depth was slightly deeper too. On certain tracks, the mids may sound just a tiny tad too “thick” but overall presentation remained impressive for a speaker this “small”. Just like the Stirling, it was at its best with vocals and light jazz. Listening to them on a cold night and a warm drink is just heavenly….

This pair was a former dealer demo piece. Its in absolutely mint condition and in the very gorgeous xpresso finish. Original box and manual included. Its limited number status can only mean that it will continue to be highly sought after pair of speakers that will hold its value over time. Rare opportunity to own a model that is the culmination of Totem’s 20 years of success in speaker building.