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The Mani-2 Signature has been in production for a pretty long time. It started off as a Mani-2 in the late Nineties and continues to today as the Signature edition. It is a compact monitor speaker that operates as a two way but has three drivers instead of the typical two driver setup. The third driver is actually a second 6″ driver that sits directly behind the 6″ driver you see on the front of the speaker. In this “Isobaric” configuration, it allows the speaker to produce a huge amount of bass (relative to its speaker size). We fondly remembered our last pair we had for its outstanding mid-range and upper mid-bass. Soundstage was very wide and deep if the speakers are placed further out from the rear wall and about 8 feet apart. Imaging was World Class and every time a vocal track was played, you would feel like you had first class seat in the theater.

This pair you see here is a BRAND NEW in the box pair. Finish is cherry. Pictures you see are for representation and a picture of the original box with its info is on the last picture.