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Here is another smashingly good interconnect cables from Tara Labs. For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Tara Labs has been making some very interesting cables with patented technology like the HFX Floating Ground Station. The importance of proper grounding and RF/EMI filtration in your system has never been dealt with the same importance as articles/reviews on CD players, amps, speakers etc. So this pair of cables is a good start to appreciating the sonic improvements with a well grounded and filtered system.

The One Extended you see here is pair of interconnect cables that was engineered for Extended Bandwidth. This allowed for a more revealing, transparent sound traveling through the cables. With the HFX, it further reduces RF and electromechanical resonance that further enhances the blackness of the background and thus allowing finer details to be retrieved. Connection of the grounding cables are very simple. The two ground wires on the male XLR end are connected together while the ground wires on the female XLR end are connected to the HFX and the HFX is grounded to a ground chassis.

The pair you see here looks really good. Cables will come with factory warranty.