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The HRS-SAT4 is a small monitor speaker that was part of the HRS speaker system. Like the other speakers in the system, it uses a kevlar based woofer which proved to be very resilient to power and delivering a sound level much higher than you would expect from something this “small.” Using them on their own without the aid of a subwoofer, they actually produced a surprising amount of bass. Now that may differ between users as to what constitutes sufficient amount of bass but for us, it was impressive enough. Naturally, when paired to a subwoofer to form a 2.1 speaker system, than the whole sound landscape changes. Soundstage and depth was more akin to a mid-size floorstander rather than a 2.1 speaker system. Speakers are relatively easy to drive with a nominal 6 ohm impedance and a 88 dB sensitivity. Low frequency starts at 95Hz and goes all the way up to 30KHz. These are high performance monitor speakers and will deliver very clean and detailed sound be it music or movies.

The pair you see here was a former dealer demo pair. Our asking price includes the optional stands ($500 value) which is ideal for getting the speakers up to near ear level. Manual is available online. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Speakers will be dismounted from the stands during shipping. The stands have an internal “tunnel” to snake your speaker cables in but if you have large speaker cables, you will need to change them (unless you use the speakers without the stands) as thick cables will not pass through. Cosmetically, the piano gloss black finish has the usual polishing swirl marks and minor hairline lines that are common with gloss black finishes. Grille covers are fine with no tears or snags.

So for the price of their speaker stands, you are now getting not just the stands but with the $900 speakers thrown in!