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This is a Room Acoustic Treatment Set which comprises of two Harmonizers (H2a and H2b) and its accompanying stands (brand new and never been used). In our listening session, we tried them with a music track that we were familiar with, we turned the Harmonizers on and boy what a difference it made! The vocal soundtrack that we were using took on a more “bodily” imaging. The highs were a bit more extended and the music generally felt more energetic, more “alive”. The previous “setting” we were familiar to, became more focused. Musical instruments were more accurately placed in the sound stage. It was quite simply, an amazing change. ¬†Little wonder now why Stereophile was singing praises on the Harmonizers. Different rooms will reap different results so adjust them accordingly via its intensity control knob on the rear. They are battery operated.

These were former dealer demo units and will be shipped in their original boxes. This will be two box shipment where the stands are shipped separately and the Harmonizers in their own box. Cosmetically, they look good with minor scuff marks from use but nothing major.