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The SR-202 Basic is the most affordable model in a three model lineup that includes the SR-303 Classic (middle of the range) and SR-404 Signature (top of the range) models. But like all Stax headphones (or Earspeakers which is what Stax like to call them) they never fail to impress. The clarity, transparency and imaging is the best there is in each of the price category they represent. If your have never heard a pair Stax headphones before, than you have never fully appreciated headphones.

What makes the set you see here so outstanding is the inclusion of the SRM-300 headphone amp which was designed such that it also acts as a headphone stand where you can just slip the headphone over it. So you are not only getting one of the best sounding headphones out there for under $400, you are also getting a headphone amp which also doubles up as a headphone stand. There are two 5-pin jacks in the front so you can hook up a second set of headphones. Two pairs of RCA ins and outs are located on the back. This unit is a Japanese domestic 100V model but we will be including a step down transformer for use in the US.

The headphones and amp is in very good shape. Ear pad cushions are in great shape. This is also by far, the most comfortable pair of headphones! We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.