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In the market for a pair of affordable interconnect cables that sounds like a $1,000 pair? Then look no further than this SS-GEN II from Soundstring. This is their latest and current model and replaces their excellent series 1 cable that drew a lot of positive reviews. We had the Series 1 a few years back and they were very good at being transparent. And their latest generation pair here continues that legacy. Music had a very natural balance and artistry through these cables. These were definitely designed for the budget or mid-price system where clarity, detail and transparency was either in shortfall or missing from other lesser cables. Real wood casings are used in the connectors with the premise that less metal is better for sound quality and adds a bit of class to the cables. These are the shielded versions which cost $30 more than the non-shielded version.

The cables are in very good condition with minor signs of use. One previous owner in NYC. We don’t have the original packaging materials but will securely pack this for safe shipping.