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This is probably the greatest integrated amp on the market right now. And with this 330 integrated, Soulution has opened its doors to the many audiophiles that have listened to their products but find their hefty price tag beyond their means. The new “3 Series”, although still fairly pricey, is more “affordable” in Soulution terms when compared to their 5 and 7 series. This 330 you see here has all the options loaded – DAC board and MC phono stage that brings its final price tag to about $30,000. The DAC board has all the bells and whistles from USB to AES to SPDIF to LAN. So in terms of a digital front end, you can safely say, you have all the areas covered. The MC phono stage has impedance settings that stretches from 20 ohm to 1,260 ohm which you can do via its remote control. Power output is a healthy 120W in 8 ohm, 240W in 4 ohm and 480W in 2 ohm.

When we had this unit setup in one of our listening rooms, it was pretty obvious immediately, that this is no ordinary integrated amp. The sonic qualities are what we have heard from the amongst the best amplifiers out there. Even when compared to their older models, the 330 edges out slightly with better definition, refinement and a general overall ease in presentation. The bass was resounding deep and tight with the mids and highs exhibiting strong lines and details. Even in the high end category, there are levels of high end and the 330 is clearly at the top of the high end category. It sounds amazing, has wild ranging flexibility and is a state of the art audio masterpiece. If a one box solution is what you aim for, this is as good as it can get. No dealing with rack spaces and additional cables. If the 330 is a representation of a new “frontier” for Soulution, we are in for exciting times! Unit is rated for 100-240V so it can be used anywhere in the World.

Cosmetically, the unit is in great shape. One owner since new (2018) who got smitten by it and upgraded upwards after a year to chase the illusive audio nirvana. We have the original box, manual and remote. This model is so new to the market, you would almost never find a used one for sale! So don’t miss this opportunity!