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The glory of tubes do not come any better and affordable (at 160W!) than this pair of SFM-160 amps. The pair you see here was probably one of the earliest production batches where they were issued out in SFM-75 chassis straight out from the factory. Tube layout and complement is exactly the same on the later SFM-160 amps. Front plate is an SFM-160 plate (so it is not a garage modded unit.)

Sonically, the unmistakable sound of tubes was clearly evident through these amps. Mids were smooth, rich and forward. Highs were detailed with a nice rolloff and the bass was impressively deep and impactful. Biasing was very simple and straightforward and each amp was done in a matter of minutes. Amp was recently updated last year with some old resistors replaced and tubes properly biased to factory specs. Original Groove tubes will be shipped with the amps along with 2  fresh matched quad sets of new Svetlana 6550C tubes. A$504 value.

Cosmetically, the amp is in great shape. We have the original manual, tube cages and box.