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Sonance amps are essentially high value, high quality amps at very reasonable prices. They are not going to replace your McIntosh, Levinson or Krell amps anytime soon but if you want something really decent and did cost you a whole lot of money, they should be up on your list of considerations. The Sonamp 1250 MKII is a much improved version over the original 1250. Music through the MKII is a bit more dynamic and the bass was cleaner and tighter sounding. Protection circuitry is improved further to protect the amps and speakers from an overload or over heating situation. The amp can be used as a 12-channel amp that puts out 50W per channel in 8 ohms or 75W per channel in 4 ohms. The 12 channels can be bridged into 6 channels to bring about an increase in power output to 100W per channel. So its total power output of 600W can be broken down as 12x50W or 6x100W when bridged. That is quite a substantial increase and the flexibility of this feature can make some interesting speaker setup or configuration. Built quality is even better than before and although its original MSRP of $2,300 was a bit pricey, it is now a steal at under $500.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. The hefty amp (60lbs) will be securely packed for safe shipping. Local pickup is welcome. Copy of manual included.