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This is the “larger” model under the Hydra series with 8 outlets. The 8 outlets are broken into four individually isolated pairs and features their proprietary “Trident Defense System”. It is not an overly expensive power conditioner when you look at the specs – 2400W continuous power, use of Venom noise filter,¬†FeSi-1000 noise-reduction compound etc. which compares very favorably with our sub-$3,000 favorite brand, Isotek. Shunyata recommends using their own Shunyata AC cord to elevate the performance of the Hydra 8, which we recommend to but not necessary if budget is a concern. We will be including a thick gauge generic 20amp cord.

Cosmetically, there are some scuff marks and knicks here and there and the lettering on the rear has worn off somewhat. But it functions 100% and provides the sonic benefit of clean power to your components and that is all that matters. We have the original box.