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These speakers have been around for a long time and continues to draw a mix bag of response. It does get a bit of getting use to because the front soundstage is so enveloping. If you have been using conventional front firing speakers or even planar speakers, you would notice how all encompassing the front soundstage when music is playing through the Obelisk speakers. Concert hall setting would be something we would describe it as if we have to give it some kind of name to the experience. Each speaker is a little bit stout for a floorstander but then again, these speakers were¬†designed to put out music in an omnidirectional setting. So it literally “throws” out music into the air. Each speaker has a 8″ woofer with a rear mounted passive radiator, two dome midranges and two supertweeters on the pyramid looking top. Lots of experimentation is definitely required to find the most optimum spot to mirror the speakers (this is where the casters really come in handy). But once you have that done, sit back enjoy the concert hall listening experience. The Magnepans come closest to replicating the experience but on a narrower scale. The Maggies were better off with vocals or jazz but the Obelisk was better off with orchestra music. There have been some comments on using “stronger” bass drivers to draw out more deep end from the speakers but we will leave that to your discretion. Speaker terminals are found at the bottom of the speakers and will only take bananas.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good for its age. Some minor knicks and peeling of the wood can be found but they are small except the one on the top edge of one speaker (see pictures). Once the grille top goes on, its barely visible. These speakers are shipped in two boxes. They will be securely packed for safe shipping. Local pickup is welcome.