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This is a demo pair that was made in the likeness of Cain & Cain’s Double Horn IM-Ben speakers by Schmidt Audio. They are not as large as the Ben’s and uses a smaller 4″ Fostex FE108EZ driver. Each speaker is approximately 53″ tall, 18″ wide (with the stabilizing anchors. Speaker is 6.5″ wide) and 17″ deep (14″ if speaker alone). The Fostex driver is around 27″ up from the floor so use that height as the gauge for your listening height. The speakers are not for all genre of music (due to the size of the driver). Vocals and light jazz are best suited when used on its own but when a subwoofer is added, it will extend to all genre of music. But our favorite music through these speakers are vocals. No other speakers cuts this close for its purity and still cost under $500. Frequency range is 77Hz to 23KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 90dB.

$495 is our introductory price for these demo speakers. The cost of each Fostex driver is already $130 plus shipping. So for two, we are easily looking at close to $300 and that is not including the cost of the cabinet and woodwork hours putting it together. Cosmetically, the speakers look great. Minor signs of use from being demo in our store. Any imperfections are due to the natural grain of the wood. All Schmidt Audio speakers are custom made. You can choose your finish and size of driver to be installed if you want to order a pair. Contact us for a quote. Once this demo pair is sold, all future speakers will be sold at its original $995 (plus any surcharges for custom finishes and drivers). Proudly Made in the USA!

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