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The Revel M20 speakers are very easy to fall in love with. Once you have them on a sturdy pair of stands and driven by good components,  you will be taken away by how musical they are. The soundstage was remarkably big and deep for monitor speakers. Bass was impressively powerful at 45Hz through their magnesium alloy woofer. The speakers are power hungry and will need a powerful amp to drive them adequately. Their nominal impedance is about 6 ohms with a sensitivity of around 86dB. In a blind listening test, many prefer it over some similarly price floorstanders for its effortless flow of music across the music bandwith. High frequency attenuation on the rear is a very useful tool to adjust the speaker in your room. Likewise the selector for how the speakers are mounted. They are easily our best sounding sub-$1,000 monitor speakers in our store now bar none. Even at its $2,000 MSRP, it was considered to be as good as any speaker costing up to $5,000!

Cosmetically, the speakers has some fine hairline scratches on the cabinet and minor scuff marks here and there. Some marks on the woofer drivers but its minor. Speakers are very well built and it shows with its pretty hefty weight of 45lbs per speaker. We don’t have the grille cover or original boxes but will securely pack them for safe shipping. They will be shipped in two boxes.