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The Storm III active subwoofer from REL comes highly recommended if you are planning to add some deep bass to your music/video system. As an “add on” to some of our bookshelf based system, the Storm III never fails to impress with its easy blending and the prodigious deep bass it brings to the system. It may not be as dramatic in a large home theater system but in the medium to small size room, it leaves its mark with a satisfying tight bass when certain action scenes demand it. But it is in a music system where it was really a joy to use. Wide range of controls on the rear allowed for an easy and seamless integration. The 10″ downward firing woofer digs down to an impressive 22Hz and cuts off at 95Hz. If your system is missing the “crescendo” effect of deep bass, the Storm III is a good choice to make it happen.

Cosmetically, the sub is in good shape. Minor scuff marks and here and there and some light scratches but nothing major. We do not have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Manual is available online.