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The Rega Mira 3 is a purpose built integrated amp for music. Spec for 61W in 8 ohms and 91W in 4 ohms, it is pretty sufficient in driving most speakers in a small to medium size room. The integrated amp is design with simplicity in mind. The volume knob also acts as an input selector when you press it. To use it as a volume controller, you just press the knob again. In doing that, the Mira 3 minimizes the number of controls on the front fascia. The phono input is set for Moving Magnet or a high output Moving Coil cartridge.

Musically, the Mira 3 is a warm sounding, smooth and punchy amp. Details were rich and vibrant and pretty impressive for a $1,000 integrated. Stereophile magazine rated it as one of the finest integrated amp they gave ever audition and we have to agree. Built quality is excellent.

This unit was a former dealer demo. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original remote, manual and box.