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This is one of Reference 3A current lineup. The very successful Dulcet speaker is now a BE version with a Beryllium dome tweeter and cellulose laminated woven carbon fiber driver. As with the original Dulcet, the spatial imaging is just simply awesome for a speaker of this size. Its bottom end extension goes down to 48Hz but with some proper positioning of the speaker, can add to how substantial it sounds. Heavy sturdy stands are a must to bring out the best of these speakers. They reminded us of the Acoustic Energy AE1. Fast sounding, larger than size imaging and good depth are its main draw.

Cosmetically, there are very light scuff marks here and there but nothing major. One of the speaker’s rear port has a small black mark but its minor and not visible from the front. The Nextel matte coated cabinet  is an innovative finish where it absorbs surface vibrations and reduces the effects of diffractions. We have the original box and manual.