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You will never underestimate the pollution of EMI/RFI noise in your electrical cable after you install the 25th Anniversary AC cord you see here. It makes your previous AC cord or component sound like it had a cold. With the 25th Anniversary, your component is suddenly more open, clean and more relax. Music is effortlessly reproduced with every nuances in details being captured and produced. This cable was previously used with a pair of Halcro DM-68 amps (amps are also for sale and we have two of these AC cords). One previous owner in NJ. Although it is spec as 1m long, it is generously cut so it is almost 5ft long from end to end.

Adding this AC cord in your system is like adding a nuclear power plant to your power supply! We don’t have the original bag but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Minor scuff marks from use. Cheapest price ever!