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The P600 is a 600W AC Regenerator. What this means is that it takes incoming AC current and converts it internally to DC voltage and then back to AC current out through its eight outlets. This may sound like a “big” task and indeed it is which is why the P600 has a huge and hefty transformer inside. The benefit of this AC regeneration is that it cleans up the electrical current as it undergoes the process of AC-DC-AC. Sensitive components like turntables, CD players, DACs and preamps benefited with varying degrees when they were plugged into it. Even some power amps sounded a lot cleaner when it was plugged in (200-250W amps should be okay). This unit had the MultiWave upgrade done so you could try out varying oscillations in Sin mode to see if that changes the sound in your component. We just recently sent this unit back to their service center in NYC to have it brought back to spec and replace the old boards for new. Cost of the service was nearly $800.

Cosmetically, the unit looks fair. There are some scratches on the faceplate and top cover. But it functions like new with the recent service. The P600 is a big and hefty unit so shipping will not be cheap. Local pickup is welcomed.