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This is one of the finest sounding monitor speakers. Brings back lots of memories of another past legend – Acoustic Energy AE1 and Rogers LS 3/5. The Proac is every bit as exciting as the AE1 and in our opinion, is more like the best of both speakers. Its warmer sounding than the AE1 and shares many of its holographic imaging with the LS 3/5 but puts out more bass than the Rogers and shares the same tightness in bass as with the AE1. The Proac is very fussy with positioning and the stands it is mounted on. Ideally, the tweeter should be at the height of your ear when you are sitting on your listening chair and separated optimally to achieve its best result. A heavy sturdy stand is almost mandatory to extract out the best from these speakers. But when you have that and they are optimally placed apart, you will be enjoying one of the best soundstage ever. It was deep, clearly presented with excellent definition and layering. They will disappear and if you have your eyes closed, they would almost appear to be larger speakers than they actually are. Quality gears are a must. The speakers have a 86 dB efficiency with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. Bass extends down to 40Hz which is very impressive for a speaker this size.

These are speakers clearly for the audiophile who wants modesty in his listening room. No big mega speakers and mega price tags. Just good quality gears in a simple setup in a small to medium size room that will outclass many other systems costing a lot more. The speakers are finished in the beautiful birds eye maple finish and looks really good overall. Very minor scuff marks common with use but nothing major. We have the original box (albeit a bit beat up) and will double box it to ensure safe arrival.