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The S-EX range of speakers from Pioneer/TAD has seen tremendous success across the different models in the lineup, garnering lots of positive reviews and feedback from the World over. The S-4EX is the “smaller” monitor speakers that is actually a three-way speaker with a cleverly installed ceramic graphite tweeter right in the middle of its magnesium midrange driver. Its bass/mid-bass driver is the third driver. The speaker is quite sizable with a height of 19″, a width of 10.5″ and a depth of 15.25″. Each speaker weighs almost 45 lbs and a good sturdy stand is highly recommended to keep them sounding their best.

We had the speakers mounted on our 24″ stands that each weighs almost 100lbs and the speakers were able to produced a very linear and transparent sound. Soundstage was undiluted and very well defined. Bass was tight and uncolored. To a certain extent, they were almost as accurate as some of the top notch studio speakers. This is not surprising since they were bench tested by Air Studios. If accuracy is high on your list of priorities when shopping for monitor speakers, these should be amongst (if not the top) the top three on your list. Speakers are relatively easy to drive with a nominal impedance of 6ohms with a sensitivity of 86dB but we have found them to really start rocking with 100W or more. That is when the bass rally takes on a “darker” side and the mid-range was fuller.

The pair you see here are former dealer demos. Grille covers, manual and original boxes (a bit beat up) are included. Minor scuff marks common with a demo pair but nothing major. These speakers are shipped in two boxes.