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These magnificent Class A monoblocks will do pretty much what its bigger brothers like the XA160 and the awesome XA200 (sold) will do unless your speakers are extremely insensitive or current hungry. In a typical listening level in a medium size room and with fairly efficient speakers, the XA100 will sound 80% of its other larger two models but minus its weight, size and heat. It may have less grunt as the XA200 when pushed but then again the XA200 is the extreme end of Class A amps that is a whole category of its own. The Pass Labs XA amps are about control, might and a sonic sound unlike other amps and even other Class A amps. Compared to our other 100W Class A amp, the Audia Flight FL100, the Audia Flight is the more polite sounding of the two. Its sweeter and more refine and naturally will be applied in a system or an audiophile that prefers these attributes over raw power.

Cosmetically, they look good. A minor scratch on the front right corner faceplate on one of the amp but other amp is fine. Due to its weight and size, the amps will ship as freight. Original boxes included. Local pickup from our store is welcomed.