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This is an absolutely gorgeous integrated amp. This is a current model and Pass Labs only integrated Class A integrated amp. The 30W may sound conservative but it sounds a lot more power than it is. The previous owner loved the sound so much he traded this in for the XA-100 Class A monoblocks. We drove a pair of B&W 802Ds with fantastic result. Bass was tight and deep and the mid-range sweet and rich. The highs were detailed but on the smoother rounded side which was good. Never did we feel that the Pass was overwhelmed by the B&Ws. ¬†As a comparison. we have a pair of Monarchy Audio SM-70 MKII running in monoblock pairs and they are spec to put out 80W per channel and they sounded “thinner” than the Pass when paired to the B&W. So a class of distinction here.

We have the original box and remote for it.