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The Pass Labs Aleph 3 is a very “industrial”, almost MAD MAX like with its all around heatsinks. This was the amp that Stereophile ranked it as a class higher than its highest Class A rating. An astonishing achievement but a well deserving one. Once we fired up this amp, we were swept away by its tube-like warmth but with far better dynamics, holographic imaging and a more authoritative bass than a similarly priced tube amp.

We have sold many Class A amps before and the Aleph 3 is far more superior than most similarly spec Class A amps. Even Monarchy Audio’s SM-70 amps (that we recently sold) driven in monoblocks with 70W per channel didn’t have the same thunderous “bite” as the Aleph 3 which was a more conservative 30W per channel. To be fair, the Pass Labs does cost much more and is better built. ┬áIn 4 ohms, the Aleph 3 does rise up to 60W per channel so if you have a pair of speakers that operate in 4 ohms, the Aleph 3 should be able to handle it unless they are very current hungry.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. The amp showed obvious signs of a well cared life (heatsinks are not purplish). We have the original box and manual and will be double boxed for extra safety during shipping.