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Here is a speaker system like no other! If you like the big sound stage that makes the room come alive with real live sound, as if the band was right there in the room, well then, this is it…! The idea of the Oris horns is to produce the largest sound stage and presence in the listening room. The sound stage is big, very big, and the vocals are there in the room with the sound of real ‘life like’ imaging.Horn instruments sound like real horn instruments. String instruments sound real and accurate. The band sounds like you are listening to it live, with all the dynamics and amazing details and dynamics. Even at the lowest power levels that you can set your preamp to, the sound just covers the whole room with a big, open sound stage, as if there weren’t any walls there in the room.

At high listening levels, you would be completely amazed of the dynamic power and clarity of these speakers! Not only is this system highly efficient, but very dynamic and detailed. There’s no other speaker system made that can produce the big sound stage, huge imaging, and life like presence, as this speaker system with Oris horns.

A little technical details about the speaker system, and the components that are used:

The Oris horns are specially designed for very wide mid-range dispersion and very high efficiency. The Oris horns have a low frequency range down to about 150 Hz. Below 150 Hz, the massive Eminence 18 woofer takes over, and covers the mid-bass and low frequencies down to a solid 30 Hz, and minus 3 dB at 25 Hz! The Oris horns use Corral 8 inch midrange drivers with Alnico magnets. This Corral midrange was specially selected by an audio engineer as the best choice for sound quality on these Oris horns. These Corral midranges are very efficient, and sound very natural and detailed. Above the mid-range frequency, a horn loaded soft dome tweeter takes over at 5 Khz and up, with silky smooth highs, without sounding bright. The tweeter is mounted in the front center of the Corral midrange and blends in with the midrange seamlessly. On the rear enclosure of the Oris horns, there is an L-Pad control the lets the midrange adjust to the level of the tweeters efficiency, to properly get the balance of mids and highs to your liking. The bass cabinets were actually early model subwoofer cabinets that weremade for Pipe Dreams tower speakers, and later, these subs were paired up to use with Oris horns, with great results. The bass cabinet weights approximately 180+ pounds each, and they are constructed with two inch thick (!) solid MDF on all walls, for super solid tight bass response with absolutely no cabinet resonance what so ever. The cabinets are also vented at the bottom on all four sides to eliminate resonance peaks, bass boom, and to extend the low frequency response to 25 Hz. The bass cabinets are loaded with very high quality, heavy cast frame Eminence top of the line 18 woofers, that are very efficient and rated to handle 600 watts!

This speaker system is designed to use an active electric crossover to divide the low and high frequencies at about 150 Hz, 12 dB per octave. So, it is required to have two stereo amplifiers to drive the speakers. The Bass cabinet is fairly efficient, but to control the massive 18 inch woofer to sound it’s best, a 100-200 watt solid state amplifier is recommended. The mid-range and highs are very efficient and only need 25 watts to play at high levels, but can use a 8 watt amplifier for normal listening levels, so a nice choice for powering Oris horns could be a single end tube or solid state amplifier. The benefit of bi-amplification, is that you can have a very powerful amp to drive the bass cabinets for best bass dynamics and punch, and a sweet and detailed tube or solid state amplifier for the mids and highs. In any case, the speakers sound great with even a single multi channel amplifier, such as Adcom or Bryston.

The speaker system comes with a Rolls two way electronic crossover, and is pretty good for sound quality and flexibility. But you have the option, at your own expense, to upgrade to a high end crossover for even better sound quality, such as a Bryston 10B would be the best choice. For a speaker system of this caliper and quality, you will have a sound that will out sound perform other speaker systems costing over $10,000, for a mere cost of only $3500.