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The Onix SP-3 Melody tube integrated amp is a slice of heaven. Slightly compact in size, it does not have the corresponding “light” weight typical of a unit this size. In fact, it is a pretty substantial 56lbs! With four 6CA7 power tubes, the SP-3 was nothing short of magical when we had it driving a variety of speakers in our store. Its only when driving inefficient or power hungry speakers will the SP-3 than show some shortness of breadth. But otherwise, the 38W per channel is pure musical bliss. The integrated amp was impressively quiet, had a black background and sounded really holographic when reproducing vocals. Bass response through our B&W speakers was robust, tight and fast.

Number of inputs are kept to two so this is an integrated amp designed for the simple and pure system. With just a Sony CDP-XA7ES CD player and a pair of Linn Isobarik speakers, we were able to put together a system that cost under $3,000 but will rival any system that cost up to $6,000 for its musicality.

Cosmetically, the integrated amp looks good. Some minor scuff marks here and there and a very small chip on the rear edge of the chassis. We do not have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.