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This is the earlier and less expensive LCR Reference speaker from Nola. It doesn’t have the ribbon tweeter found in the newer model but pretty much everything else is similar. Built quality is good but lacks the premium curb appeal of the later model which sells for almost four times more at $8,000. The main sonic difference is the current $8,000 version has a more silky smooth high. The bass and mids were good and a little less refine than the new model. It has the same spatial quality with a nice transparent soundstage. Vocals and speech were especially well constructed and very natural.

Cosmetically, the speaker has some scuff marks and knicks from use. Most of it are found on the edges and bottom portion of the speaker. Black finish on the speaker looks okay and could do with some polishing or paint refresh to bring back its original glory. The grille cover looks good. We left the supporting brace on the speaker for pictures so that you will know the speaker will arrive safely. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe arrival.