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This is one of those rare audio pieces that really gets you thinking. We first experienced this “gadget” several years ago at an audio show and were quite impressed with its post “finalized” effect on a CD. The audition started with a regular CD playing through the system and then the CD was placed inside the Nespa Pro and allowed to be “cooked” for 60 secs and like well cooked ribs taken out from an oven, the CD sounded slightly different on the same system it was just playing in 60 secs before. Too good to be true? In all honesty, the “improvements” can vary between nothing much to slightly better. It all depends on how well recorded and pressed was the original CD. The better it was made, the lesser the improvement. Using it is fairly simple. Turn it on, flip open the cover, insert the CD, close the cover and select how long you want to “cook” your CD but pressing the white button. You can “cook” the CD for 30, 60 or 120 secs. During that time, the Xenon bulb will flash 3,000,000 lumens of light on the CD. You will need to read the Six Moons review to get an understanding of the technical aspect of that process.

To splurge $825 (its original MSRP)  can be a pricey expense for many audiophiles. But at $50 now, it is worth trying it out. The Nespa Pro is the more expensive of a two model lineup with the Standard model costing $595. SACDs and DVDs can be used safely through it. The unit is in very nice shape. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.