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$395 Original Price: $1100
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Here is where affordability, brand name, power and THX certification comes together in one package. The NAD is a thoroughly enjoyable amp. Sweet highs, warm, tube-like mids with a thunderous bottom end. It was an outstanding buy at $1100 MSRP (got Stereophile’s thumb up) and a crazy deal now at under $400!┬áDon’t get offended by the low price tag. This is audiophile quality regardless of the number of digits after the dollar sign. If the already abundant 225W per channel is not enough to wet your appetite, find another one and bridged them for an amazing 780W per channel!

Cosmetically, there are some knicks and paint scrapes along the edges. The right handle bar has a small area that was previously “sharpied” over but its not too bad. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this beast for safe shipping.