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This is Musical Fidelity’s TOP DOG. Massive 330W of power in 8 ohms in a hefty metal case that weighs as much as some pre/power combos. Unlike the other integrated amps in the M-series, the Nu-Vista 800 is essentially the supremo version with a tube hydrid/solid state setup. It utilizes four JAN 7586 tubes and output transistors in its main “engine”. Aesthetically, the integrated amp is every bit a statement piece. Massive heat fins on the side and a thick faceplate with all the right curves and edges to distinguish itself for all the other “lesser” integrated amps. It even has an adjustable “light mood” to give it a nice green glow under the faceplate.

Sonically, the Nu-Vista is as impressive as our current benchmark integrated amp – the ASR Emitter II version Blue. The Nu-Vista was velvety smooth sonic signature with a luscious mid-range and a deep bottom end. Resolution and dynamics were incredible especially when we paired it with the B&W 802 Diamonds. Bass was well controlled and fast and the soundstage¬†impressively deep and detailed. With a $13,000 price tag, it is a very expensive integrated amp with lots of competition from pre and power combos that are priced within this range. But at under $8,000 now, that list of pre and power combos becomes shorter considerably. So your choice now is, do you go with a top flight reference integrated amp or settle for a mid-fi pre and power combo for under $8,000? If sound quality is at the top of the agenda, the Nu-Vista 800 has almost no equals. But if you want an “impressive” looking rack, aka, more hifi components than you care about the sound, go for the pre/power combo.

The unit you see here was a demo unit. Very minor signs of use. We have the original boxes, manual, remote and accessory pack (unused). This is a heavy unit – 115lbs when all packed up so shipping will be a bit on the higher side.