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The Mission 707 is another British Classic under the 700 series with its inverted speaker layout design. So depending on your listening chair/height, appropriate stands will be needed to bring the tweeter to ear level. In a small to medium size room and on sturdy stands, these speakers really define the meaning of “intimate music.” With the right gear, the speakers produced a holographic image with impressive depth. Vocals were beautifully laid out and you could almost touch the music. The speakers are easy to drive with an 8 ohm impedance and 91dB sensitivity. They are not going to “rock” your room (bass energy reaches down to 50Hz) even though they look pretty much “serious” with its white front and dark walnut sides. These are speakers best suited for vocals and jazz.

We don’t have the original box but will securely packed them for safe shipping. Grille covers has some snags and wear but the frame is intact. Some minor dings here and there common with a speaker this vintage but is largely in overall good condition.

This is a great all English speaker. Easy to drive, easy on the ear and easy on the wallet. A lot of bang for the buck at $250.