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The SM-3 is a lot of speaker for the money. Priced no more than most bookshelf speakers now, the SM-3 is actually a pretty good sounding speaker. Bass was full of energy with strong mids and highs. With a footprint similar to that of a larger bookshelf speaker, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of stands and potentially speakers falling off them. Cabinet is on the lighter side and most likely, internal damping too. Which may explain the slightly “boxiness” in sound. With vocals and soft rock, speakers sounded larger than any comparatively priced bookshelf speakers.┬áThese are not fussy speakers for the not fussy audiophile. They will easily sound stellar in the rightly put together sub $1,000 system. Contact us on how we can help you put together a CD player, integrated amp and this pair of SM-3 for under $1,000 that will sound intimately musical. These were speakers made from an era that were sensibly priced with a sensibly good sound.

The speakers are in fair condition for its age. Some dings and some peeling of the veneer but its not that bad. Grille covers has some holes and wear. Finish is walnut. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. They are big so dimensional weight will probably kick in. Local pickup is welcomed.