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These are a set of three low profile RoomTunes. They were previously in a setup where the three pieces were placed in the front of the listening room. Two were placed in each corner while the third was placed directly behind the audio rack. Depending on your room make and setup, effects can vary. The room they were previously used in had wooden floors that were not entirely carpeted and the bass from his Wilson speakers were bouncing off the wooden floors so he these placed strategically to “control” some of the low frequencies that were bouncing off the floors and the corners. There were other room acoustic treatments on the wall but the listing here is for the three RoomTunes only. Each RoomTune has a 15 square face and a depth of 5″ when measuring from the front of the oak base platform to its rear.

Cosmetically, they look good. Some wear and minor scuff marks but nothing major. See pictures and listing. They will be securely packed for safe shipping.