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The MC452 is McIntosh’s most powerful stereo¬†amp. Its previous King on the throne was the 400W MC402 which we continue to love. The MC452 continues with the big blue display that showcases the power output meter reading and bold rack handles that were only previously found on the models higher up the chain like the MC2301 and MC1.2KW.¬†Not surprisingly, its beefy physical statue is a complete match to how it sound. There was a lot of authority and control in its presentation. Big soundstage, full bodied mid-range and always in control. The MC452 is like the more powerful wrestler that also wears an Armani suit whereas the MC402 is the leather clad muscleman. Both are good amps and both will appease all but the most critical audiophile.

This unit is in fantastic condition. Previous owner is a die hard McIntosh fan and this MC452 was part of a full McIntosh system where the MC452 drove the front left and right speakers. We also have the MC152 for sale (see our other listing) which was previously used to drive the surrounds. It will be shipped via freight in McIntosh’s double boxes. We don’t have the manual but you can download that online.